Never Give Up

by Meelz

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released June 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Meelz Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Track Name: Never Give Up
You keep track of the sins I'm pullin',
Well you don't look good with a gun in hand,
You lose faith in the hands of fate,
I never let you stop, I'mma start it again,

Fuck you, the tides are turning now,
The odds are in my favour,
Fuck you, our lives are burning,
Fuck you, fuck you,

Yeah, pull me under, push me further,
I'm gonna never give up,
My lies undone,
Yeah, kick me harder, bury me deeper,
I'm gonna never give up,
Let's raise some hell,
Let's raise some hell!!

You kick doubt in my face, well, tell you what,
No one made you God to go and write my destiny,
I can't tell by the tone of your voice,
Go on and cast me out, pretty soon, you'll be missin' me


Who said I must be perfect?
Who said I must be pure?
Who said I must succumb to the product of your fantasy? Fuck you all!

(Fuck all this negativity, you'll be missing me)
Do you wanna feel pain?
Bet you never thought of it,
Your life's done, say your prayers, you'll be missin' it,
I'll never stop, come on top with determination,
The whole nation gonna rule, are ya listenin'?

Track Name: The Alchemist
I came a long damn way from the start,
I got a lotta stories to tell you that came from the heart,
I spent a long damn time exhausting all of my options,
To the point my testimonials say "nothing can stop him",

I searched far and wide, to find what's inside,
And it's no surprise, no matter how hard i tried,
The words i heard came off as condescending,
Like the kid from Damansara needed your defending,

And who the hell are you to tell me what I can or can't do with my life?
I don't even know what I want, so how could you?
I'm gonna make it big and earn my own keep, and there's not a god damn thing you can do about it,

If what you say is true, go far,
Seek out what makes you who you are,
But know the answer lies within,
Where your heart's always been

I stuck my nose where it don't belong,
I did a lotta bad things I didn't know was wrong,
Now if you see a hero, tell me what you see,
A flawless idol standing up for what he truly believes,

I made mistakes, I paid the price,
Forgot what's at stake, the truth will suffice,
I've been searching 'round for far too long,
Only to find that what I wanted was here all along

I'm sick and tired of you punks shooting me down,
Do you really think you know me?
Does it make you feel better, serving as a sad pathetic excuse for your miserable existence?
You'll see, you'll all see,

Track Name: Here Are My Thoughts
Someone please save me, 'cause I'm feeling so alone,
There is nothing here that's stopping me from self-destructive thoughts,
As the ground beneath me shakes, I hear the deafening decay,
Of my heart, I feel no sympathy to my own suffered loss,

So here I stand to make the most of what I've got,
As I reach dry land before my body rots,

The silence breaks me when the ice gets thin,
Nothing can save me from this paranoia,
And even when the walls aren't closing in,
There's this fear inside my heart, that I can lose it all forever

This sudden fear has left me sweating in my skin,
This uncertainty won't let me be, no guidance to stay calm,
But I seek the answers telling me what's right and what is wrong,
Just so I can choose a path and need not fear of doing harm,

So here I am trying to be who I am not,
Ask my heart and soul, it seems that they forgot


I deal with sickness all the time, unlikely thoughts are on my mind,
These insecurities are killing me,
Well I hope it's not forever,


I'm waiting, I'm waiting
To kill this tension breeding,
I'm waiting, still waiting,
My inner thoughts are bleeding
Track Name: In Your Absence
Who am I, am I just another hobby?
Or just another man, sittin', waitin' in the lobby?
I really can't tell if you are cheain' or you're lyin',
'Cause the way that you're behavin' makes me feel like cryin'

I know we just met, but we've known for so long,
So I'm asking you right here, and I don't think that I'm wrong,
That I really just wanna waste my time next to you,
And these feelings can't deny, they are telling me the truth,

I hope you don't think we're just havin' fun and games,
'Cause the way that we had started I'll admit was pretty lame,
But you can't make up the rules just to leave without a sound,
Who's gonna be around to pick me up when I'm down?

You could be taken and I'll put up a fight,
Or we could stay forever and we'll fuck through the night,
'Cause I know that I'll wake up, and you would be away,
It would probably take years before everything would be okay,

You see this time I hold my cards,
I'm giving in,
And it's the last I'll drop my guard,
For I refuse to live in sin

Wake up, ain't feelin' great, I'm gonna,
Get up, I'mma stand up straight, I'm gonna,
Take a step, gonna alter fate,
I'm gonna keep on tryin' 'till I reach the gate,

Remember back, we were on track,
Had a knack for really wantin' more and more, life in tact, let me,
Just sit ya down, yo, listen to me,
I'm keepin it real, I'll make a deal, nothin' like you've ever seen,

I'm shootin' for the stars, knowin' I'm believin',
In the way ya feelin', girl you got your mind wrong, keep dreamin',
Just listen close, baby, stick by me,
The only way to go far is to be set free,

I'mma keep it short and sweet, 'cause it ain't no simple task,
I ain't askin' you to drop me or to kiss my ass,
But I love you, I want you, I need you for eternity,
Never to forget you and me,

These photographs in black and white
Faint memories far out of sight,
Drifting away, eternal night,
Wake up, my heart is screaming
I wanna be more because you've shown me the way,
Now you give me the support to make a brighter day,
Track Name: Leave Me Alone
You’re always trying to assert yourself over me
Always holding me back from becoming who I want to be
You don't seem to understand that I'm the one who runs this show. Oh no.
Well, it's time for you to realize and know your place or you can pack up all your things and go

Just leave me alone. Get out of my head, get out of my life
But don't go too long. I didn't mean it, I need somebody
I can't stand being alone.

Oh, why did it take me forever to realize I was wrong
Don't you know that in one another's arms is where both belong.
I want you. I need you. I don't know how I'd live without you. It's true
Please come back. I'm sorry. I mean it this time. I know we can both pull through.


And I can't understand why you're forcing my hand.
Why I hate you and love you on your command.
Or maybe it's me. I wanna be free.
Look inside my eyes, I'm pleading: Please help me.

Don't leave me alone. Stay by my side. Please hold on tight.
Until the break of dawn. Although it won't last forever. ever. ever. ever. ever, yeah!

Track Name: See You At 10
Ten o' clock, you're so close and yet so far,
Through my screen as I strum on my guitar,
Heart is poundin' as I'm about to talk but,
Someone else has your attention,

Like a dove, words are floating through the sky,
Tweet a lot, while you're getting me high,
Every picture is makin' me cry while I
Hide away my strange affections,

Please notice me, for just one second,
I can't take this silence from you,
You mean much more than I can tell you,

There is only one thing that I need, and that's to read your words at night,
So I know you're there and I'm sitting in your presence,
'Cause I can't stand another day alone at night, with you outta my sight,
I'm waiting for the hour to come where you come on and I can hear about your day

Twelve o' clock, I'm about to go to sleep,
What's this feeling of insomnia on me?
Every second I spend in bed asleep,
I miss out on your great adventures,

Stay up late, watch my timeline pass me by,
Cup of coffee to keep me up tonight,
Up to date with your life and how it went,
I wish you well, so please take care now,


Hey, what's your name? Please listen to these simple words I'm saying,
Just give me one chance to prove how much I really care,
You just deserve to have the love I wish to give to you,
Just open up your heart to me, I'll give you mine I swear
These dotted lines highlight the blank inside my heart I'm missing,
Your words provide the therapy I need to keep me going,

... waiting for the hour to come so we can meet here
(These subtle instances inside this cyber world we live in, I can't wait till we meet again)
(Total eclipse of my heart mirrors the sunlight shining, my heart's revived night comes in)
Track Name: Let's Do It Like The Movies
The days go by and I can't reach through you,
What will it take for me to prove these words are true?
Every second spent's done with my heart,

All I ever want is your attention,
Thought you could hear me through a passing mention,
It was all for you right from the start

(please look my way)
I can't force you to feel the same,
But I'll do the best to be worth your time
(please look my way)
I need one more to play this game,
And I just want to make you mine,

I wanna take you for a ride, find what we see,
I wanna lie down by the stars and fall asleep,
Don't need a ticket, take a seat, this one's for free,
Let's do it like the movies

Remember when we first met way back when?
I didn't know how you looked or you sounded then,
But the feeling's stayed true 'till the end,

Every word is like a punch to the teeth,
Every wince is like a dagger through me,
But still I lay my heart for you to see,


I wanna kiss you like nobody's watching,
'cause you still make my crazy little heart go boom!

This might be my last chance to tell you how I feel,
My love for you was always real


(I will always)
I'll always remember your name,
Your jokes, your looks all stoke the flame,
I could go on,
But it'll sound like the fucking same,
Track Name: Counteract
[Verse 1]
The sun sets as I peel away all my hard debts,
Stripping off the lies like my clothes, throwing them dripped in sweat,
The crazy phase in erasin’ the past,
Bet your ass the last thing stuck on my mind’s minding my heart’s mass,
The mess strewn on the floor, nothing like times before,
I never knew what the future held, what was in store,
A kid wishing for more, core essentials,
Embezzled the values burned into me, now my credentials,

You see this is why I kept this from you, I would keep it from myself too,
Now that these unhealed scars burn through, there is nothing left to do,

[Verse 2]
And now the mask fades away, watching the ended day,
I still fight, holding my breath for just another way,
But what’s left is a shell of what was,
Once never noticing struggle now snapped shut the locked jaws,
Closed drawers, curtains, I’m certain that I am hurtin’,
No one’s there or cares to see or believe the words I’m blurtin’
Convertin’ energy physically, assertin’ dominance mentally,
Awaiting the day inevitably coming to face reality,


[Bridge thingy]
Now I know exactly how it feels like, counteract,
Living in denial from these hard cold facts,
Track Name: An Infidel's Prayer
(La ilaha illallah)
Say your prayers once again,
Ask for forgiveness for your sins,
Praise His name until the end,
When bigotry was what's to blame,
You preach your peace and kindness,
But the hate you're flinging is contradicting,
Learn not to treat your brother,
Infidels sent to the slaughter,

This isn't how it's meant to be
(I was taught to love my brothers)
Equality too much to seek
(Help us from above)

Judgement only falls on you,
Does it comfort judging what you see?
Tell me where it says to breed,
Homophobia and misogyny?
Society falls down,
Because we're ignorant to how we feel,
Children crying, hungry dying,
Punishment, your fate is sealed,

Track Name: Emergence
I'm feelin' lonely, can't wait to get outta here(there's no rest for the dead)
I see you waiting, for how long is what I fear(these questions in my head)
I'll take on any challenge(just to see you my dear)
I'll fight on till the end(promise you won't shed a tear)

They see me walkin', they maim and they torture me(every single day)
End of the line, a familiar face I see(please take me away)
These walls they're closing in(these may be my final words)
This cannot be the end(are you even listening to me?)

I'm sorry, I made you worry,
Please don't hurt me, not again

In my darkest hour, I cannot forget what you did to me,
You gave to me, you've shown and now you leave me alone

Sadly mistaken, for what you would want from me,(what I could offer to you)
While I am breakin', I don't even think you see,(could this be, no it's not true)
Thank you for everything,(throughout this endless strife)
You non-existent being,(can't I bring you to life)
Track Name: Confessions Of An Arachnophobe
Clautropho8bia sets in, in a closed off room
An army marching down the cracks of the ceiling,
Never thought I'd see the day you finally showed your face,
Is this your work, are you to 8lame, control of evil doing?

I don't wanna die 8ut you fail to see,
There is good in you so let that set you free

I see 8eyond the distant skies, I see with my very own eyes,
That this never what you'd ever ask for,
Push aside your desper8 lies, take off your clever disguise,
I still 8elieve in you, so why can't you see more?

Every8ody has their place, even those like you,
I'd rather 8e here 8y your side than watch you 8r8k apart,
Underestim8 your strength in places you knew naught existed,
'Cause deep inside, you know it's right, that you still have a heart,



And I know you just can't take it no more,
And I know you just can't fake it 8ut I guess it's just who you are

She is killing me softly with her words, made of pointed arrows,
Now as I lay me down to rest, all my trust for you just goes,
I still 8elieve in you so why can't you see more?