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[Verse 1]
The sun sets as I peel away all my hard debts,
Stripping off the lies like my clothes, throwing them dripped in sweat,
The crazy phase in erasin’ the past,
Bet your ass the last thing stuck on my mind’s minding my heart’s mass,
The mess strewn on the floor, nothing like times before,
I never knew what the future held, what was in store,
A kid wishing for more, core essentials,
Embezzled the values burned into me, now my credentials,

You see this is why I kept this from you, I would keep it from myself too,
Now that these unhealed scars burn through, there is nothing left to do,

[Verse 2]
And now the mask fades away, watching the ended day,
I still fight, holding my breath for just another way,
But what’s left is a shell of what was,
Once never noticing struggle now snapped shut the locked jaws,
Closed drawers, curtains, I’m certain that I am hurtin’,
No one’s there or cares to see or believe the words I’m blurtin’
Convertin’ energy physically, assertin’ dominance mentally,
Awaiting the day inevitably coming to face reality,


[Bridge thingy]
Now I know exactly how it feels like, counteract,
Living in denial from these hard cold facts,


from Never Give Up, released June 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Meelz Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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