In Your Absence

from by Meelz

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Who am I, am I just another hobby?
Or just another man, sittin', waitin' in the lobby?
I really can't tell if you are cheain' or you're lyin',
'Cause the way that you're behavin' makes me feel like cryin'

I know we just met, but we've known for so long,
So I'm asking you right here, and I don't think that I'm wrong,
That I really just wanna waste my time next to you,
And these feelings can't deny, they are telling me the truth,

I hope you don't think we're just havin' fun and games,
'Cause the way that we had started I'll admit was pretty lame,
But you can't make up the rules just to leave without a sound,
Who's gonna be around to pick me up when I'm down?

You could be taken and I'll put up a fight,
Or we could stay forever and we'll fuck through the night,
'Cause I know that I'll wake up, and you would be away,
It would probably take years before everything would be okay,

You see this time I hold my cards,
I'm giving in,
And it's the last I'll drop my guard,
For I refuse to live in sin

Wake up, ain't feelin' great, I'm gonna,
Get up, I'mma stand up straight, I'm gonna,
Take a step, gonna alter fate,
I'm gonna keep on tryin' 'till I reach the gate,

Remember back, we were on track,
Had a knack for really wantin' more and more, life in tact, let me,
Just sit ya down, yo, listen to me,
I'm keepin it real, I'll make a deal, nothin' like you've ever seen,

I'm shootin' for the stars, knowin' I'm believin',
In the way ya feelin', girl you got your mind wrong, keep dreamin',
Just listen close, baby, stick by me,
The only way to go far is to be set free,

I'mma keep it short and sweet, 'cause it ain't no simple task,
I ain't askin' you to drop me or to kiss my ass,
But I love you, I want you, I need you for eternity,
Never to forget you and me,

These photographs in black and white
Faint memories far out of sight,
Drifting away, eternal night,
Wake up, my heart is screaming
I wanna be more because you've shown me the way,
Now you give me the support to make a brighter day,


from Never Give Up, released June 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Meelz Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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